Wisdom from the street,
Wisdom from the void.
Leap from sphere to sphere,
awakened: destroyed.

Each and every stone’s throw,
gives rise to wanton gods
And all our words so
shall bring gnosis from the odds.

Journaling the Game,
the darkness and the comical.
Up and down are same
herein the Hopscotch Chronicles.


{ The Podcast }

Hopscotch Chronicles is a collection of provoked chance encounters with people, ideas and Nature. Through a series of conversations and short essays on arts, creativity, philosophy and spirituality, the show aims to pragmatically contribute to the listener’s search for meaning and transcendence.

{ Dominic Vallée, host }

Fierce apostle for the DIY spirit and author of Zinfaendel, the Mystic’s Path of Self-Knowledge, Dominic Vallée tirelessly seeks to expand the boundaries of normality, to make the real more real. Eager for connection and believer in concrete experience, he now devotes his time to researching and promoting new ways to navigate the chaotic and sacred game that is life. Click here for a full bio.