Ep.13: Ronnie Pontiac – Counterculture and the Divine Mysteries

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From the terrestrial to the divine, from counterculture to the mystic’s path, this episode’s overarching theme is all about spiritual expansion, elevation, transcendance. Of course we talked about Ronnie Pontiac’s mentor, namely the great Manly P. Hall, but we also went into a subject that’s close to my heart: the essence of Punk and DIY philosophies as expressed through mysticism. That… plus archetypes, the Orphic hymns, astrology and the gods. 


Ronnie Pontiac is a writer, musician and documentary producer currently residing in Los Angeles. He is known among other things for having been the personal research assistant and designated substitute lecturer for the well-known author, lecturer and mystic, Manly P. Hall. He has written many articles for several esoteric magazines and is also the author of American Metaphysical Religion, as well as, more recently, The Magic of the Orphic Hymns, co-authored with his wife Tamra Lucid. Additionally, Ronnie and Tamra are the founding members of experimental rock band Lucid Nation still active since its formation in the 90s.

Find Ronnie at these links:

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIbjuKPFuC5athEotcmTqTw

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/ronnie.pontiac

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/theronniepontiac/

Threads https://www.threads.net/theronniepontiac

*** SHOW NOTES ***


0:00:00 INTRO

0:04:30 Ronnie’s bio


0:09:22 Ronnie presents himself and his work

0:24:16 The true impact of DIY inspired ventures

0:30:40 Connecting Punk-DIY and mysticism

0:41:56 The origins of DIY (in spirituality)

0:47:29 Followers of Orpheus

0:53:56 The will of the gods

1:01:36 The path that’s most alive

1:10:47 Planetary energies

1:21:40 The ever-changing conditions of the moment

1:29:41 Maintaining the meditative state and synchronicities

1:34:29 Wrapping up and goodbyes


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