Ep.10: Mike Clelland – Owls and UFOs in the Great Land of Mirrors

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Owls and UFOs: Two powerful archetypes, one ancient and one rooted in popular culture, and seemingly more linked together than one could readily believe. Not only that, but according to this week’s fascinating guest, both often appear instrumental in a tremendous amount of « awakening experiences » recounted by a variety of seekers and everyday people. Come sit with Mike Clelland and I around the imaginal camp fire for this bewildering chat.

PS: I even got to tell my own (possible) UFO encounter! 

*** ABOUT MIKE ***

Although Mike Clelland is an expert in skiing, climbing, mountain travel and ultralight backpacking, as well as being a talented professional illustrator, today we’re talking the author, the researcher and more specifically, the seeker. 

Among the many books he’s written, his 2015 effort called The Messengers in which the mysterious connection between owls, synchronicities and UFO abductions is explored, has been met with high praise. To this day Mike has collected thousands of accounts of people’s anomalous events, as well as sharing his own transformative experiences, and for many years now has been recognized as an expert in this field. 

More recently, Mike Clelland has published a first fiction novel, a paranormal thriller titled The Unseen, which has already gathered a large amount of great reviews.

Although he’s lived for many years in the Rockies, Mike joins us today from his home in Seattle.

Find everything about Mike’s work on his website:


*** SHOW NOTES ***


0:00:00 INTRO

0:04:25 Mike’s bio

0:08:15 Theme and interview start

0:10:57 Mike tells us about him and his work

0:25:55 Dominic’s UFO sighting

0:32:39 Mike comments with other Montreal UFO stories

0:36:50 « Mysticism » and highly charged human experiences

0:42:43 A visit from Bibi the very affectionate cat

0:43:25 Two fascinating owl stories

0:48:55 « Being tricked »: trust and doubt

0:53:02 The language of symbols, dreams and synchronicities

0:59:47 Mirror-like reality and archetypes

1:07:10 « Them », « the others » and free will

1:26:35 Lived experiences and self-validation

1:31:07 Dominic is a depressed blue skinned Arcturian

1:39:41 Mike’s response and comments on depression

1:49:29 Do people grow from their owl+ufo experiences?

1:59:31 Dominic’s cute little owl sync, preparing for the show

2:03:15 Wrapping up and goodbyes