Ep.14: Mitch Horowitz – Spiritual Anarchy

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I can’t help but wonder: have philosopher William James and punk band Dead Kennedys ever been mentioned in one same interview? Well, they have now! On this show, Mitch Horowitz presents us with a plethora of ideas to seriously consider on the seeker’s path of spiritual growth.


Mitch Horowitz, a distinguished historian of alternative spirituality, is renowned for his erudite exploration of esoterica, mysticism, and the occult. Through his work, Horowitz not only delves into outsider history, emphasizing its relevance to contemporary life, but also advocates for the enduring pursuit of human empowerment. A PEN Award-winning author of many book and a prolific lecturer, he has many times answered the call to discuss the seeker’s path on many platforms, from the most obscure (like this one) to the most mainstream. And to top it all off, maybe his crowning achievement; Mitch Horowitz is currently censored in China.

Find out more about Mitch’s work:

Main website: https://www.mitchhorowitz.com

Twitter/X: https://twitter.com/MitchHorowitz

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mitchhorowitz23/

YouTube:  https://youtube.com/@mitchhorowitz6054

*** SHOW NOTES ***


0:00:00 INTRO

0:04:55 Mitch’s bio


0:11:00 Punk: Mitch’s history and link with mysticism

0:16:02 Mitch’s impressions on Hopscotch Chronicles

0:17:42 Differences between occultism and mysticism

0:19:48 Mitch on « enlightenment »

0:26:44 Yoga of the intellect and parapsychology

0:30:17 The inevitability of spiritual growth

0:34:34 Knowing oneself and following affinity 

0:44:39 Humanity’s history « the gods »

0:52:07 Mitch’s work impact on Dominic

0:55:44 Mitch on the necessary generalizations of language

1:00:26 Evaluating people before their thoughts

1:09:22 Keeping the search simple

1:17:21 Neville VS Vernon – MY will VS THY will

1:19:00 How does a future with AI look for the seeker?

1:27:25 Wrapping up and goodbyes