Ep.18: Sharon Hewitt Rawlette, PhD – Ethics and the Magic of Coincidences

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Folks, get ready for quite a ride as this episode is a very deep one! From coincidences to synchronicities, from ethics to meta-ethics, Sharon Hewitt Rawlette and I embark on a fascinating exploration of some of life’s most mysterious workings. But fret not! As serious as these subjects can be, the tone remains playful throughout, making these 96 minutes flow by like a refreshing metaphysical breeze. 


Sharon Hewitt Rawlette is a philosopher who explores consciousness, ethics, spirituality, and anomalous experiences, addressing her work to varied audiences. She holds a PhD from New York University with a focus on ethics, meta-ethics and the nature of value, and is also the founder of the Mind & Meaning Institute. Mostly through theoretical work, Sharon researches the intriguing realms of coincidences and synchronicities, as evidenced by her many books and essays, including her acclaimed work on life after death. Her diverse background, from academia to personal experiences in France and beyond, enriches her writing and research on deep existential questions.

Find out more about Sharon’s work at www.sharonrawlette.com.



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