Ep.9: Dr Paul J. Leslie – Exploring the Creative Side of Psychotherapy

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Back with another fascinating discussion, this time with Dr Paul J. Leslie, psychotherapist and all around amazing guy. Join us for this joyous chat in which we address the importance of creativity in therapy sessions, tricks and tips for self-knowledge and finding one’s « acorn » (as psychologist James Hillman would say).

*** ABOUT PAUL ***

Dr. Paul J. Leslie is a psychotherapist, researcher, trainer, and author in Aiken, South Carolina. Paul has a doctorate in Counseling Psychology, is a National Board Certified Fellow in Hypnotherapy, and is presently the coordinator of the psychology program at Aiken Technical College. He has authored nine books on such topics as transformative psychotherapy, healing, and personal development. Paul is a popular trainer in the areas of solution-based therapies, Ericksonian hypnosis, and creative therapy applications.

For more infos, visit Dr Leslie’s website:


*** SHOW NOTES ***


0:00:00 INTRO

0:08:04 Dr. Paul J. Leslie’s BIO


0:11:37 Paul’s approach to psychotherapy

0:16:17 Some words about Ericksonian therapy

0:23:15 Being open to new experiences

0:30:22 Self-knowledge VS diagnosis

0:40:22 Notions of health in a sick society

0:52:41 The pain of transformation VS harmful pain

0:57:03 Adjusting to a rapidly changing world

1:02:07 Finding our « acorn » (A James Hillman reference)

1:09:54 Seeing our own preconceived ideas of who we should be

1:21:22 Finding and creating meaning

1:31:04 Wrapping up and Goodbyes