Ep.16: Maja D’Aoust – The Shadow, Astrology and The Quest

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Some of the worst understood concepts in spirituality assuredly are notions of the shadow self, negative energy and the ego. Generally wrongfully labelled “evil”, these facets of ourselves often are hidden by our preconceived ideas when in fact, revealing their presence within us can be one of our most enlightening endeavours. In this show, Maja D’Aoust offers ideas and tools for this dark exploration, including “shadow astrology”, which is the subject of her latest book.

*** ABOUT MAJA ***

Maja is a practicing witch and published scholar of alchemy and occult lore with an interest in the esoteric arts that spans her entire lifetime. After completing her bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry, Maja studied Oriental Medicine and acupuncture, later receiving her master’s degree in transformational psychology. Her master’s thesis focused on Shamanism, the I Ching and ancestors. Maja was the librarian at the Philosophical Research Society, founded by Manly P. Hall, for eleven years, where she taught courses on Alchemy. Maja lectures occasionally on mysterious topics in Los Angeles.

Find out more about Maja’s work:

Main website: http://www.witchofthedawn.com

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/@MrPeeweerules

New book – Astrology of the Shadow Self



0:00:00 INTRO

0:05:49 Maja’s bio


0:17:25 Darker aspects of THE QUEST and the EGO

0:23:58 The Shadow Self

0:38:18 Maja’s book: Astrology of the Shadow Self

0:43:31 Understanding the concept of opposition

0:49:33 Astrology as a tool for self-knowledge and Shadow charts

0:57:39 Maja’s visual arts

1:02:00 The Divine Feminine, negative energy and destruction

1:14:26 Calibration and boundaries

1:18:33 Disincarnate sentiences and « consciousness ecosystems »

1:34:19 Connecting with disincarnate sentiences

1:40:53 The I Ching is a dragon

1:43:15 The HARDEST question of this show

1:46:35 Wrapping up and goodbyes