Ep.12: Jill Emery – From Hole to Mazzy Star to the Haven of the Easel

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This week, I’m having the great honour of exchanging thoughts with an artist who has participated in the shaping of 90s western culture through music: Jill Emery, musician and painter extraordinaire. She is perhaps mostly known for being part of the band Hole (yes, the one led by Courtney Love), as well as of Mazzy Star, among many other seminal acts. As you’ll see, she came out of the intense grunge era days with a lively and colourful presence, both humble and strong, and expressing her spirituality through both her paintings and inquisitive mind. 

*** ABOUT JILL ***

Jill Emery is an accomplished American musician, recognized for her significant contributions to the alternative and indie rock scenes of the 90s. Most notably, she was an early member of the band Hole (alongside Courtney Love), and subsequently was part of the dreamy rock sound of Mazzy Star, but also contributed to other impactful music acts such as Super Heroines and Shadow Project. Jill currently resides in Palm Springs, California and is now fully devoted to her passion for visual arts and painting. 

To find more about Jill’s work:

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/sallygotsthe/

Etsy – https://www.etsy.com/shop/sallygotsthe

*** SHOW NOTES ***


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